The LadyAgri Impact Investment Hub is a network of international and African professionals supporting women agri-entrepreneurs in Africa. Our beneficiaries are companies that are at least 51% woman-owned, woman-led, and in an agricultural value chain traditionally dominated by women suppliers.  Through our work under Pillar 1 (coaching/mentoring) we help our projects see the importance of social impact, climate-resilience, environmental protection, and strive for a circular economy in their resource-use.

All LadyAgri beneficiaries commit and comply with the LadyAgri Social Impact Charter. Their commitment helps to protect and advance the socio-economic interests of women in their supply chain. By committing to re-investing in the community, our projects contribute directly to i.a. health insurance schemes for women and education funds for girls.  Through attentiveness to quality, their businesses also help to ensure food security and improved nutrition for families.

In due course, we intend for agricultural produce emanating from our projects to qualify for the “Made by Women in Africa” label of quality. This label has been set up by LadyAgri an emblem of fair trade business practices. By creating a new profile for women agricultural entrepreneurs, LadyAgri aims to make the African Continental Free Trade Area work for women. Our label helps to raise business capacity and economic resilience. As a result, our beneficiaries are empowered to seize local and cross-border business opportunities.