Dutch development bank FMO has partnered with LadyAgri impact investment hub for gender lens investments in agriculture.

FMO wants to explore the business case for gender lens investments in agriculture and has this week announced that it is proud to partner with LadyAgri for this project.

Floor van Oppen, fund manager of Dutch government fund Building Prospects: “To reach women, it is essential to actively include them every step of the way, and to design products that are suitable to their needs. Our government fund Building Prospects has recently secured a new mandate which allows us to increase focus on Gender Equality projects. Our work with LadyAgri is the start of what we hope to be a long-term partnership that will help us tailor the right products to meet women’s needs.”

Saskia Vossenberg, Senior Gender Finance Advisor: “We are both proud and excited to partner with LadyAgri and together embark on this gender lens investments in agriculture journey. I expect it to further develop our knowledge, capacity, tools, and networks to invest for gender equality and support women in agribusiness to realize their potential and growth ambitions.”

Hilary Barry Secretary General LadyAgri: “This is a true partnership based on alignment of vision and mutual trust. Together with FMO we are commiting to gender smart investments in agriculture to change womens lives.”


FMO invest in growth and frontier markets, supporting jobs and income generation, improving people’s lives in those parts of the world where this makes the biggest difference. FMO invites others to partner with them – lowering thresholds for other financiers, opening up new markets and opportunities.


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Emmeldah · 31 May 2019 at 9 h 51 min

Having worked in Micro finance for 15 years serving MSME in zambia I have noticed that women are striving to penetrate the Agriculture sector. Most women struggle to get financial services due to lack of security, lack of information on financial services offered by banks while on the other hand Banks have a view that Agri lending is risk and costly.

In the last three years that I have been working as Agri business Manger I have noticed that most women fall off on vetting as they do not meet minimal loan application requirements. I feel the use of cooperatives to empower women Indore to have more access to financial services can eradicated poverty.

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